Salty Cricket Composers Collective is dedicated to bringing new music (aka Modern Classical) to new audiences, and shaping new musicians.  We achieve this through our two main activities:  Educational K-12 outreach through El Sistema@Salty Cricket, and our new music ensemble that performs the works of living composers who currently reside in Utah.

Our educational outreach is based on the internationally renowned El Sistema model and reaches a diverse and engaging segment of the Salt Lake City community. El Sistema is built on the idea of educating the young musician from the ensemble down, rather than private instruction up.

Our annual concert series consists of 3 - 4 concerts per year. Each evening consists of a different ensemble, click on the Upcoming Performances tab for more info.

Our Mission:

The Salty Cricket Composers Collective is a nonprofit (501c3) organization uniting Utah’s composers and underserved populations through innovative approaches to music, education, and outreach. Salty Cricket is dedicated to creating positive, prosperous, and empowered futures for all.

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