Salty Cricket Composers Collective thanks our generous sponsors:

Perfect Fourth Level // $5,000+

The Damien Hunsaker Memorial Fund

Major Third Level // $2,500 – $4,999


Major Second Level // $1,000 – $2,499


Leland Dailey

Nathaniel Eschler & Victoria Petro-Eschler

Sentry Financial

Stanford Thompson

Whole Step Level // $500 – $999

Mundi Project (in-kind, piano donation)

Kagan Breitenbach (in-kind, recordings)

Margot Murdoch (in-kind, Best Buy Points)

David Sullivan

Crystal Young-Otterstrom

Half Step Level // $250 – $499

Angela & Seth Keeton

Judy Miller

Paula Michniewiszc

Quarter Step Level // $100 – $249

Jedydyah Allred
Rhea Bouman
Robert Breault
Darlene Castro
Rebecca and Levi Lloyd
Malcolm Mark
Glenn Prestwich
Erin Svoboda
Douglas Wood
Karen Wyatt & Michael Pape
Walter & Dee Ann Young

Microtone Level // $50 – $99

Letitia Baker
Tim Johns
John & Lois Young


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