Victoria Petro-Eschler is the Executive Director of Salty Cricket Composers Collective.  Particularly passionate about music and its potential to impact society for positive outcomes, Victoria holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy (East Carolina University, 2002), a Master of Arts in Musicology (Brandeis University, 2009),  and a Master of International Studies with an emphasis on International Nonprofit Management (North Carolina State University, 2013).  Victoria is determined to  bring  the highest quality programing and opportunities to the Salt Lake Valley and all of Utah.  When not engaged with musical endeavors, Victoria loves spending time  with her  brilliant husband, 4 amazing children, and 2 lovable mutts.


Dr. Nathaniel Eschler, PhD is Salty Cricket’s Artistic Director.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Guitar  Performance and Music Theory and Composition (College of Charleston, 2001), a Master of Music in Music Theory and Composition (University of Utah, 2004), and a Doctorate in Music Theory  and Composition (Brandeis University, 2012), Nathaniel has a wealth of personal and professional experiences that make him passionate about high quality music.  As artistic director, he brings clarity and excitement to a traditional canonic music education, while maintaining a sharp and innovative eye toward progressively challenging  his culture.  When not writing or teaching music… who are we kidding - he’s ALWAYS writing music!



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