About GraceNotes

GraceNotes is a music immersion program based on the internationally-renowned El Sistema Model.  Born in 1974 in Venezuela, El Sistema grew from the work of Dr. Jose Abreu, who sought to use music as a way to undermine the social dangers that seemed unavoidable to young people growing up in slums.  Through consistent implementation, love, and guidance, the music-based experiences developed through this initial outreach spread, impacting neighborhoods, states, and even the country.  Today, the program is known as the Venezuelan Music Miracle.

El Sistema has been now been implemented internationally and there are currently over 100 programs in the United States. GraceNotes will be the first implementation in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We aim to engage families and youth who need the support and encouragement to improve their futures through the vehicle of music, or who are willing to engage with music at high levels of rigorous instruction.

We are planning our initial after school launch in 2015, in conjunction with Jackson Elementary School, a local Title I Elementary School.  We are aiming to improve cross cultural competencies in our home city, as well as empowering young people to take control of their futures through effective and healthy expression and group engagement.

GraceNotes is a proud member of the El Sistema USA organization.  For more information on the El Sistema Story, or to see how El Sistema is shaping communities across the country, please visit the El Sistema USA website:  www.elsistemausa.org.

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