GraceNotes AM: Homeschool Options



We work to provide quality and consistently challenging ensemble-based music education to all our students.  A unique feature of our offerings is the homeschool option.


6 hours per week of music instruction (either 3 days each week for 2 hours or 2 days each week for 3 hours)

Classes include:  Sectionals (Small Group Instrument Instruction)   |   Music Theory (Note reading, Note writing, Rhythm Development, Ear Training, Sightsinging)   |   Ensemble (Orchestra, Choir, or other as developed)   |   Skill Review (learning to practice and learn independently, with some guidance)

Who we serve:  Pre School: Mommy and Me option, emphasizing basic musicianship skills such as rhythm development through Bucket Band   |   K – 3: Sectional music instruction, Music Theory / Note reading, Skills Review, and Ensemble (4-30 minute classes each session)   |   4th – 12th Grade: Sectional music instruction, Music Theory (including conducting and composition), and Ensemble (3-40 minute classes each session)


Parents learn for free! Parents of enrolled students are welcome to fully participate in the program   |   Access to the Regional and National Youth Orchestra network. In 2016, students who advance within our program will be given the chance to audition for the regional orchestra in Aspen, Colorado. In 2017, those advanced students will be given the chance to audition for the FIRST NATIONAL YOUTH ORCHESTRA, to be held in Los Angeles at the LA Philharmonic, under the direction of famed conductor, Gustavo Dudamel.   |    Through our partners, such as the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera, we offer free or reduced price access to some of the best musical experiences in our area. Rigorous devotion to excellence. Since all of our staff are professionally trained musicians (often with advanced degrees in music), the education is high paced and rigorous, with room for young people to excel at their own pace through the music education offered!   |   Unparalleled quality and price. $100 for the first child, $75 for each additional child ($300 max per family) per month (PENDING MINIMUM ENROLLMENT). This price includes 6 hours of instruction per week (3 sessions, 2 hours each), as well as a minimum of 1 Seminario per month (a special field trip, music-related experience, or intensive instructional experience).

Contact Victoria for more details – / 919.274.3845

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